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  1. Z-Palette: A Review

    Thursday, November 22, 2012

    Recently I purchased a Z-Palette because of my sheer laziness to go through my drawers and small quads or trios to pick out the perfect shades that go together. So I got 2 of them: a smaller black one and a large purple one. 


    My full large Z-Palette!
    I use all of the shades more than I ever did when they were all separate
    I got to take the great shades I love from old trios and quads and throw out the duds
     The case is lightweight and came with great magnets
    1 word: Depotting. I ran into some trouble with this mainly because I’m impatient and not careful enough. So this happened:
    • image
    • This happens on more than one occasion and it fucking sucks! Be careful and more gentle than I was and your shadows should be fine. If they aren’t, you can repack them with some rubbing alcohol. Just look up tutorials on how to fix shattered shadows. I might do that to some of the ones that I fucked up badly on (l already did it to that green shade on the end) 
    • It gets DIRTY. The shadow dust gets a lot of places. You can take the shadows out and clean the bottom or just take out the shade you’re using. There are ways to avoid it.
    • I didn’t think ahead of time and attach the color names on the back.
    Final verdict: I love my z-palette and think it is much better than having all single eye shadows. It love that you can put so many different types of colors together and have different brands in one place. All of the cons can be easily avoided thus making this palette a great buy! 

    I use the small black one for overnight stays or just want to take the color I used that day with me.

    Until next time, xx Michelle

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