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  1. How To: Dotty Nails

    Thursday, November 22, 2012

    Hi guys! So this weekend I decided to do some polka-dot nails inspired by Lily Pebbles.

     I painted them a dark green color from OPI called "here today, aargon tomorrow". I did bigger and less dots on my middle finger and smaller and more dots on my ring finger. I did the same to my right hand. 

    The Rejuvacote is the shit, lemme just tell you. The Sally Hanson polish name is "pure white tip"(how goddamn original). 

    To create the dots, I dipped this wooden manicure stick shit into the white Sally Hanson nail polish and just dotted the fuck onto my nails. 

    Until next time, xx Michelle


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    1. steviieee said...

      cool post, follow back please?
      twitter: katyysteviee
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      katy xox

    2. Aw love the spots, and love the colour! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :) xx

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