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  1. Tag: Why do you wear make-up?

    Saturday, November 24, 2012

    Hi my lovelies. I'm doing the "why do you wear make-up tag" inspired by Yazmine from mindofa-dreamer.

    1) When did you begin wearing makeup? (I added the whole damn timeline).
    - I started around 8th grade (age 13) and really started to get into it; my everyday look consisted of dark dark brown liner on the waterline and top line. 
    - Before that, I literally wore black eye-liner on my waterline only. I kind of shudder at the thought. Before then, I just wore the occasional lip-gloss. But even as a child, I loved using my mom's makeup - I'm sure it was hilarious looking
    - In 10th grade (age 15), I gained the confidence to wear a lot of makeup, like eye-shadow and lipstick, to school without being afraid of people telling me I'm trying to hard. I started rocking those damn bold lips. 
    -Now in 11th grade (age 16), I'd like to think of myself as a make-up connoisseur of sorts and I'm pretty sure I might do something with it down the road.

    2) How do you feel without makeup?
    I'd like to think I don't need it, but truth be told I feel a bit naked without it on. I need to use at least my 3 holy-grail products (coming up) to feel really confident. I like makeup and I like doing it, so although I use a lot, I feel completely comfortable wearing less.

    3) What do you like about makeup?
    • I love how it can completely change someone; putting a bit of makeup on gives me so much more confidence and I feel like something better
    • I love how much of it there is and how theres a whole world revolving around it. There are so many brands and so many types and theres magazines and blogs just about it. Its beautiful and so many people realize that and that built this amazing community of people
    • theres so many things you can do with makeup and it can make a totally different persona for someone. I love putting it on people and just watching them trasform 
    4) 3 holy grail products?

    MAC Brows Quad
    Vanilla: highlight
    Cork/Coquette: brows, eyeshadow
    Concrete: eyeliner/deep v
    (runner up: Urban Decay Naked Palette)

    Smashbox High Def. Concealer (Light)
    Blends wonderfully, highly pigmented
    I use this every day on any blemishes/redness/under the eyes

    Maybelline the Colossal Mascara 
    My favorite mascara I've tried and definitely a necessity. I can't believe there was ever a time that I thought I hated mascara 

    Until next time, xx Michelle 
    Song of the Day: Grandgloves - Purity Ring

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    1. yazmine said...

      aw this was really good, out of interest which of the three brown shadows do you prefer? I've been looking for a new brown :)
      yazmine xx

    2. Comes out really well!
      Very informative!
      S xx

    3. Amber Love said...

      Cool thing girl! I really love your blog! Can't wait to see more posts from you girly :)

      Amber (your newest follower!) X

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